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Top 3 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A Niche (For Fitness Coaches)

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Choosing your niche is often one of the most challenging decisions when launching a new online coaching business.

Initially it seems counterintuitive to only serve one portion of the marketplace when you could be serving everyone.

However when you understand the POWER that comes from niching down and specialising in one main area of focus you'll realise how much of a gift it is to get laser focused on a niche so you can serve at a higher level.

In this article I'll break down exactly what a niche is, why it's important and the top 3 mistakes to avoid when choosing your niche.

What exactly is a niche?

A niche is a section or segment of a marketplace categorized by both demographics and psychographics, identified for the purpose of clarifying the ideal customer base for your business.

We categorise demographics by things like age, gender, location, nationality etc. and psychographics by things like interests, behaviours, aspirations, fears etc.

Why is it important to choose a niche for your online fitness coaching business?

What most coaches don't realise is that when you're working in a gym you actually already have a niche market; the people who frequent the gym you work at.

It's not a particularly refined niche, but it's still a section of a marketplace that you're serving.

When you transition online, you need to establish a new niche because your services are not just available to those that live local to your gym any more.

You now have access to the worldwide marketplace of people looking for health and fitness services online.

However, so do the thousands of other online coaches you're now competing with.

To stand out against your competitors it's important to identify a niche market to serve so you can become the go-to expert in your space.

This makes your ideal client's buying decision easier and makes your sales and marketing far more effective.

Top 3 mistakes to avoid when choosing a niche

1. Going too broad & trying to serve everyone

The statement "When you try to help everyone you help no-one" rings true when it comes to building an online coaching business.

You see, if you're offering your services to everyone from powerlifters through to stay at home mums wanting to drop 5lbs after giving birth, it's virtually impossible to stand out to anyone amidst the rest of the noise online, let alone get them to trust that in your abilities to get them the results they desire.

By choosing one specific niche in a marketplace you're able to break through the noise and reach the people who would benefit from working with you the most.

This gets you on their radar. because your offer and marketing are tailored to suit their needs, and positions you as the best possible solution to their problem.

2. Targeting people without any real desire to change

If you choose a niche market to serve that doesn't have any real desire to change their situation, you'll end up working 3 times as hard to get just one new client on your books.

Firstly, you'll have to convince them that they have a problem worth solving.

Then you'll have to convince them that their problem can in fact be solved.

Lastly you'll have to convince them that you're the right coach to help them achieve their desired transformation.

In an ideal situation you only want your marketing to be focused around the latter.

So you want to choose a niche market that already knows they have a problem they want solved and that are actively looking for a solution.

3. Choosing a niche that is difficult to reach online

This is one mistake I see happen far too often that can almost always be avoided by doing a little bit of market research before publicly launching your online coaching offer.

If you can't find and connect with your niche market organically on social media (by searching hashtags, looking under competitor accounts or using tools to locate them individually) then you're going to have to hope and pray your content is good enough to achieve the reach that's necessary to get in front of them using the platforms algorithms.

Honestly, that's a huge gamble to take, especially on a brand new business.

Before you put the stamp of approval on the niche that you ultimately decide on, first search through the social media platform you plan to use to reach them and find out if they can easily be located and contacted by your business.

You might find that your niche don't have public accounts on the platform, and so that makes it harder to find and connect with them.

If that is the case, you'll have to look into other ways of reaching them, like paid advertising.

If that's the avenue you decide to take, because you're dead set on the niche you've chosen, then be sure to check the advertising platforms and make sure their targeting features allow you to reach that target market. You'll be surprised at some of the limitations you'll find.


It's important to identify the niche market that you wish to serve in your online coaching business in order to create great products and services that are tailored to the needs of those you wish to help and marketing that speaks to their greatest desires.

In doing so your business will act as a magnet to attract the right people as customers and repel the wrong people, so they don't waste your time and energy.

A great niche can also greatly benefit your brand as it allows you to position yourself in a marketplace as the authority, or go-to person, for the specific transformation you're so well known for delivering.

By creating a defined niche you can assure you don't make any of the mistakes listed in this article, and fast track your success as an online fitness coach!

Want access to my top 4 questions to help you identify a profitable online fitness coaching niche?

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