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How To Reach $5k Months As An Online Fitness Coach

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

If you're a trainer launching an online fitness coaching business, a really great first financial target to reach for is consistent $5,000 months.

To get there you need to build a solid foundation in your business that allows you to continually bring in that revenue and at the same time grow your audience and fill your sales pipeline alongside it.

Once you've reached that target you can then go on to scale to $10,000 months, $20,000 months and so on, however that foundation needs to be built first.

In this article I break down 3 key steps to reaching consistent $5 months as an online fitness coach.

Let's start with the math!

If you want to reach a financial goal a really great place to start is to breakdown exactly what you need to sell (and how many times) in order to achieve it.

In my 10 week business coaching program "Fitness Coach Accelerator" I typically recommend charging a rate between $70-$100 per week for online coaching services, and to have all clients agree to a 12 month minimum commitment to their program.

At that rate, and with that timeframe, you'd need one of the following to occur to generate $5,000 in contracts for your business each month.

  • 4 clients pay you $1,250 (roughly $105 p/week x 12 weeks)

  • 5 clients pay you $1,000 (roughly $83 p/week x 12 weeks)

  • 6 clients pay you $833 (roughly $69 p/week x 12 weeks)

Then, the more clients that stay on with you longer than the 12 week minimum commitment, the less clients you need to sign each month to meet your $5,000 income goal.

Now, let's break down the 3 keys to reaching consistent $5k months as an online fitness coach.

1. Have an offer so good your dream clients feel silly saying "no".

When your coaching offer includes everything necessary to meet your clients needs as well as overcome any potential objections they may have, working with you becomes a no-brainer decision.

You want to create an offer that is tailored towards a specific target market so you can make sure it includes everything they need, and nothing they don't.

Your offer should stand out against all your competitors and scream "This is the program for you!" when your ideal clients come across it both in your marketing on a call with you.

To back up all the awesome inclusions of your offer, throw in a guarantee to take away any hesitations potential clients may have to working with you.

That doesn't have to be a money back guarantee though.

If you have more time than you have money, offer a continuation of your services if your clients don't meet their goals by the 12 week mark.

(Be sure to include terms that need to be met for that guarantee to be valid.)

2. Have a strategy in place that allows you to generate leads on demand.

When you know exactly how to attract the right people into your audience and convert them into leads and then paying clients, you have a business that provides you with a predictable income.

You'll need to not only keep filling your audience with the right people for your offer, but you'll need a system for nurturing and then converting them into prospects and then paying clients.

Look for way to attract the right people to you and then get them to raise their hand and ask you to reach out to them.

A business without a solid lead generation strategy is a business without control of it's sales pipeline.

3. Have a sales process in place that allows you to sell over and over again without feeling "salesy".

When your sales process feels more like coaching and leading than it does "selling" it becomes an enjoyable experience that allows you to show up and sign clients without burning out.

It's also a great way to set the tone for the relationship you're about to enter into with your coaching client.

Lead the way on your sales calls and show them what it's like to be lead by you as a coach.


A successful online fitness business is generally made up of three core pillars; an irresistible offer, a solid lead generation strategy & a sales system that allows you to sell (over and over again) without feeling "salesy".

With these three things in place you'll be in a position to continually grow your client base, income and impact in the online world.

These 3 keys combined result in:

- Generation of consistent new leads

- Greater sales conversion rates

- A predictable income from your business

- Incredible client results

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