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6 Steps To Attract More Fitness Coaching Clients On Instagram

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

When growing your online fitness business it's incredibly easy to get caught up focusing on sending as much traffic as possible to your website and social media accounts.

One thing that is often overlooked is whether or not the places that you’re sending that traffic are actually optimized to convert that traffic once it arrives.

When it comes to Instagram you hear a lot about growth strategies that will get you in front of a lot of people, like going viral on reels or reaching the explore page.

However you don’t often hear much about what it takes to create an instagram profile that gets the right people to hit follow, and then encourages them to reach out to you about your services.

(Like the dream fitness coaching clients you're actually trying to attract)

That’s what we’re going to go over today.

In this article we’re going to go over 6 steps to optimise your profile so you can start converting as many of the people that land on your profile (and that are ideal clients) as possible into followers and then leads for your fitness coaching business.

Step 1. Make sure your profile picture is a photo of you

As a coach you may be a business but your clients are actually buying into you, your abilities and your methods when they register for your services.

Avoid using a logo as your Instagram Profile Photo and instead opt for a photo of yourself from the shoulders up.

Having a profile photo that is focused on your face makes you easily recognisable and increases the likelihood of someone clicking on your stories when they appear at the top of their feed.

To increase the changes of a story view even further, remove the original background behind the image of you and replace it with a bright colour so it stands out even more.

(This can be done easily using the canva app)

Step 2. Add at least one keyword to your Instagram name

One way to increase your searchability on the Instagram platform is to include keywords in your Instagram “name”.

Instead of using that section to just list out your name or business name again, throw in some keywords that describe what your ideal clients might search for on the platform.

For example “Personal Trainer”, “Fitness Coach”, “Online Coach” etc.

I recommend having at least your first name and then some keywords following it, separated by a dash (-) or a divider (|).

So your instagram name might be “Sarah | Online Fitness Coach”.

After you’ve made this change you’ll have a greater likelihood of being found by those on the platform who have mutual connections with you and who are searching for those keywords (ie. those who are on the hunt for a coach and ready to buy!)

Step 3. Add a brand tagline to your bio

You may or may not have heard of a "brand tagline" before but essentially it's a one-liner that describes what you do and who you help. An elevator pitch if you will!

Since your instagram bio can only be short due to being limited to a certain number of characters, this is the perfect place to list your brand tagline.

It might read something like this:

"I help stay-at-home mums to get in shape with quick 30-min at home workouts."

Coming up with the perfect brand tagline can be a bit tricky (this is something I run through in Fitness Coach Accelerator) but putting something in your bio is better than nothing.

Start with who you help then add the outcome they're looking for, followed by the method you use (if necessary).

Step 4. Add a call to action at the bottom of your bio

Your website link sits directly below your bio, so with that in mind it's a great idea to use the last part of your bio as a call to action, directing people to click the link and telling them why they should do so.

For example you could write something like this:

"Click below to get started 👇"

Be aware though, you have limited characters you can use in your instagram bio so as you make adjustments be sure to revisit your profile on your phone to see if it gets cut off.

Step 5. Put your most important website as your link in bio

In the past it has been recommended to direct your link in bio towards a linktree or a single landing page with all your links on it.

That was because Instagram only allowed you to promote one link (unless you had 10,000 or more followers in which you then were able to use the swipe up feature on Instagram stories.

This is no longer necessary as Instagram has given everyone the option to add links to their stories, regardless of their following.


It's actually best practice to have one link in your bio that you want to direct the majority of your traffic to anyway.

That way you control where you're sending people and can keep track of your insights better through the Instagram app.

So, add your most important link to your IG bio (sales page, application page etc.) and promote the rest of your links in your story posts.

Step 6. Create 3-5 different story highlights to display on your profile

Your story highlights are a great way to show off everything you have to offer and redirect traffic from your profile to the other sites you want your audience to visit.

You can create as many story highlights as you like however I recommend having only 5 because that's the limit of highlights that display on your profile until you need to start scrolling across to see the rest.

Try to avoid the scroll so your best highlights are visible on your page at all times.

The first highlight should be named "Coaching" or "Services" as this is the place you will save all your stories that promote your offer, making it easy for people to quickly find out exactly what you offer and how they can get on board.

The second highlight should be named "Results" or "Client Wins" and this is where you can save all stories that are demonstrating the progress or results of your clients. When someone is on the fence about joining your program they'll likely check out your testimonials so it's great to have them all saved conveniently in the same place.

The third highlight should be named "Tips" or "Advice" where you can save all stories that are helpful tips for your audience. It can be a great resource for new profile visitors.

The fourth and fifth highlights should be reserve to promote any other platforms or sites that you'd like to redirect your audience to like your podcast, blog or Facebook group. As stories now come with links you can link to each and your audience will be able to easily find the link for each in your highlights.


Having great content on Instagram is often not enough to get the right people following you, especially if you are a small account.

Yes, it may bring their attention to your profile, but if they can't clearly understand the benefits of following you they simply won't bother.

Use the space you have at your disposal (profile picture, name, bio, link, highlights) to demonstrate who your profile is helpful to, what you offer and how they can take the next step in working with you.

You'll increase your follow rate and generate new opportunities to generate leads.

To access the original checklist that this information is hosted on simply reach out on Instagram (here) and send me the words "IG PROFILE CHECKLIST" to get free instant access!